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Place an Order to Preserve Your Flowers

Easy 3 step process!

Whether your wedding or event is still months away or has already happened, getting started with Rustic Resin Works is simple. All you need to do to get started is place the deposit for the preservation of your flowers. No design decisions will be made until the flowers have been received and preserved.

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If Today is More that 28 days before Event


For deposits placed 14-27 days before Event


For deposits placed 6-13 days before Event


For deposits placed 1-5 days before Event


For deposits placed after Event

$150 Initial Deposit

Your entire deposit will be applied to the total cost of your keepsake. Please select from the options below depending on your specific need.

What is a Flower Shipping Kit and Do I need one?

Our Floral Shipping Kit is the easiest way to send your bouquet or arrangement of flowers. It contains everything you’ll need to overnight your flowers to Rustic Resin Works. The kit will be shipped to you three to four weeks prior to your event date, and will be sent only if it is ordered along with your deposit for a forthcoming event.

*Depending on the date of your event, a RUSH fee will be applied to your order. Not using our kit? Follow our self-pack instructions provided once your deposit is made.

Is Today Less Than 15 Calendar Days Before Your Wedding?

If your event is this close to today, AND you are requesting a Floral Shipping Kit to be sent to you (rather than packaging the flowers yourself), we require you to place your deposit over the phone to ensure we receive your order ASAP.  Please call us at 979-459-9099 to get started.

Important Things to Know About Your Order

  • Your keepsake will be completed approximately 20 – 24 weeks after your design consultation and after receipt of final balance and all items that you are displaying in your keepsake.

  • Your Rustic Resin Works deposit is non-refundable.

  • You are responsible for the cost of overnight shipping your flowers to Rustic Resin Works.

  • If you are ordering less than 2 weeks before your wedding, we will need to send your Floral Shipping Kit to you via Rush Service. Rush fees begin at $35 in addition to your deposit, depending on how we need to send the kit.

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