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Flower Delivery Timeline

Flowers are preserved best when they are received no later than three to four days after your event. Care and shipping instructions for the flowers will be provided once your booking deposit is made.


Flower Processing

Processing will begin as soon as your flowers are received. The flower arrangement is gently taken apart, flowers are cut and greenery is separated.

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After the flowers are processed, they are placed into airtight containers with silica gel. Silica gel is used to dry all fresh flowers. This allows the flowers to keep more of their natural colors and shapes. Please note colored flowers dry slightly darker and red flowers dry much darker than their original color. White flowers dry more of a cream color. Lilies and orchids dry paper thin. Some flowers can have “bruising” which causes translucent spots on the petals when they are in resin. We unfortunately cannot preserve succulents. Please feel free to inquire with us if you are curious about the exact flowers you will have in your bouquet or arrangement. 

Additionally, we can only preserve your flowers in the condition in which we receive them. We strongly urge you to follow our packing and shipping instructions for the best results.

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Once the flowers are fully dried they will be carefully removed from the silica gel and the design process will begin. One to two layouts will be designed and sent to you for review.

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Time to Pour

Once the layout is approved the pouring begins. Resin is poured in layers, with each layer being anywhere from 1/4" to 1". Each layer poured = one day. Some preservations may take a week, others may take two. You will be able to see each layer once your block is delivered.

The entire process can take anywhere from 12-20 weeks depending on the size of the order.

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